Ayokunnu Are

Money Managers International

AyokunnuAreAyokunnu Are has worked in private banking and financial services for over two decades.  Together with his company, he has developed an in-depth method of analyzing client’s needs in order to deliver the best possible portfolios.  Residing as president of his current compent Money Managers International (MMI) Asset Management Group, he yields premium financial services for his clients.

MMI helps compose a wealth maximization strategy that is particular to each client. Clients include investors, corporations, banks, businesses and foundations.  Ayokunnu Are’s strategies have been globally influential in the financial services industry, with MMI being globally recognized as one of the best wealth management companies.  It is recognized as an authority on MGA mergers, acquisitions, business loans and other operational goals.  Money Managers International also helps with charitable fund raising, succession planning, corporate recapitalization, estate and retirement planning, business development, and asset protection.


Ayokunnu’s Story

At the time of Ayokunnu’s birth in Nigeria, Nigeria’s economy was vibrant. But the elite wiped out the country’s wealth.  Ayokunnu believes that countries such as the US and Canada in the West are now on that same path.  Ayokunnu was raised moving around quite frequently and experiencing a range of cultures. This is because his parents were diplomats and their careers required them to move locations often.

Ayokunnu’s parents sent him to the United States for his education. It was here that he became fascinated with numbers, money, and financial planning. He decided to attend the University of Michigan and received a Masters in Public Administration.  After college he worked at Prudential Insurance. Eventually created his own agency.  In 1987, Ayokunnu Are found his financial advising firm, founded MMI. Ayokunnu is proud of his work with his clients and hopes to educate others about everything that goes into financial planning.


Ayokunnu Are has over twenty years of experience in the industry. To correlate with his experience, he has a strong natural intuition for numbers and an unparalleled understanding of the financial markets.  Because he understands the flow of the global economy, Ayokunnu is in sync with global financial markets and has learned to make these situations work for his clients.

As a consultant, he provides a variety of services.  For example, his solutions pertain to investments, guiding clients on how to retain assets, and how to diversify portfolios.

Ayokunnu gained experience in global fixed-income, derivative financial products and global equities in Africa and North America. This experience contributes to his wealth of understanding of markets.  He specializes in income tax, disability and death insurance, benefits evaluation and estate planning.

Additionally, Ayokunnu maintains a strong network of connections in the United States and Canada. For example, he is part of a range of networks, such as Prudential Financial, Allstate Financial Services LLC, RBC Life, National Community Foundation, Manulife Investments and Walton Capital Management.  Ayokunnu Are has worked as many different roles such as a director, strategic advisor and manager for public and privately traded companies throughout the United States, Canada and Africa.

Ayokunnu Are himself has earned a reputation as one of the best wealth managers in Canada.  He has an individualized approach intended to satisfy all the needs of each of his clients.  Ayo was able to significantly broaden his services internationally in 1999.  He has consulted with many international clients since then such as those in the American and Chinese marketplaces.